Are API’s sexier than Jazz?

Imagine you have a bunch of great musicians looking to collaborate and produce the perfect song. But there is a problem, one is a classically trained pianist, another is a jazz player, one is a pop superstar… and one won The X Factor… I know, I know I mentioned the term great musicians in the same sentence as X factor winner! How do you get them all playing together to produce the perfect song? And what’s this got to do with API integration?…

Many businesses face similar challenges when trying to get their tech stack playing nicely together. With various technologies all having their own data silo and promising improved customer experience, it can quickly become very frustrating manually handling content and data. With proprietary software, this can often be even more tricky trying to get all of your tech talking together and working in harmony. Outputting the data and content you need in efficient workflows will help improve not only customer experience but will help your business run smoother.

The data you require to help run your business efficiently needs to be available to exchange across all of your legacy platforms. Nobody wants to have to re-key content or download data to run a query and upload the results for customers. This approach certainly does nothing to improve the customer experience in our information on demand world. There are many times when a third party API or middleware can help solve the most complex of challenges, getting your software in tune and producing the perfect results. Often overlooked and undervalued, the role of the API can drastically help improve business performance and enhance the customer experience.

So if you are trying to harmonise your tech, we would recommend starting with a full audit. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to tune up, we’d love to chat.Owen Group Blog

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