Behavioural economics on a new level.

There is a new revolution in AI that could soon make the role of marketing redundant. Based on new webcam technology search engines will be able to predict your next search request through clever tracking of your eye movements and relative pupil dilation.

The software behind the new technology analyses your satisfaction with delivered search results and the content you choose to consume. Over time it learns which type of content provided the most positive response in pupil dilation and eye movement and aligns future content delivery to match those positive responses.

It was established many years ago in 1920 that responses to complex behavioural sciences are linked to activity within the eye. These include behavioural economics, anchoring (heuristic), availability heuristic, bounded rationality, (Economic) Bubble plus many more and are linked to subconscious eye movement and pupil dilation. The software predicts Certainty/possibility effects for each human desire and generates a response which can predict which products you will be searching for in advance of you thinking it.

So what does this mean for marketers… Well, no longer will it be possible to influence consumers with content that presents itself via pop up ads and paid promotion via search engines or social media channels as these provoke negative responses within the eye and will be ruled out from future presentation to the consumer.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing… No more irrelevant content has to be a good thing!

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