Is your data smart enough to win?

As we race to introduce more chatbots and marketing automation platforms, the desire to produce personalised content across multiple channels grows. Maybe it’s time to step back and ask if our data is smart enough to drive improved customer experiences. Technologies are becoming smarter with machine learning and the likes of IBM Watson and Adobe Experience are leading the way. But when it comes to great customer experience these technologies still have their challenges bound by data… Even with the smartest MA platforms…that old adage sh** in s**t out still applies. A combination of poor strategy and poor data will always have a negative impact on the effectiveness of your marketing platforms. These systems don’t come cheap and hearing of horror stories, where tech has been deployed with underwhelming results are usually due to a lack of planning.

Defining customer journeys, across multiple touchpoints and at various stages of the relationship, need to be planned in line with the data held across your business. True enough the cleverest tech will learn as you go, however without a solid foundation to build on, enthusiasm for these technologies will wain and the customer will become increasingly disillusioned with the brand experience.

A thorough data audit held by all departments within the business is a great place to start. How this data can then be leveraged depends on your strategy, which needs to be tailored to work with what you currently have. If you can avoid the pitfalls associated with poor data and MA, you will be onto a winner as consumers experience better interactions. If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to chat!

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